Your Visit

Inside Wedding Frox Bridal Boutique

Booking an appointment to choose your wedding dress is essential as it ensures we can dedicate time to just you and your guests.

Our appointments are for 1hour 20minutes of you time! Which allows for a lovely array of dresses to be tried on, and a style direction to be found.

We would advise that you bring no more than a maximum of three close family or friends whose opinions you trust with you when trying on bridal gowns, as it can become confusing to have too many voices at once offering advice (we also have limited seating space!) and its important to allow yourself a moment to think and get a sense of how you are feeling in each style.

It’s always useful if you can wear pale underwear, and a strapless bra when possible, and whilst we do have some shoes for your use, they are in the most common sizes and so if you have an unusual size foot, like a particular heel height, or already have your bridal shoes, then please do bring them with you.

When trying on gowns it’s often found that you may require a larger size than would purchase for your everyday clothes, please don’t let this worry you, it’s certainly not a reflection upon you, but rather its due to the dress construction, and intricate gown fabrics, laces and beading having no ‘give’ or stretch in them like the everyday high street designs we purchase.

Whilst we understand that you may like to pop in and browse, and we would like the opportunity see you, however we would request that you telephone ahead, and that the browsing is done on quieter weekday. On a busy Saturday it can encroach into the Bridal party appointments who have pre-booked in advance to come in and use the studio.

Please can we request that NO FOOD, OR DRINK be bought in. We have incurred accidental spillages which have not only marked furnishings and dresses, but have also made it unpleasant for people visiting later in the day (never nice to sit on a damp sofa!) There is always the wonderful ‘Bricks’ courtyard café just a few steps away, which serves a selection of food and tempting cakes for you to try, as well as some fantastic nearby pubs and restaurants for you and your guests to enjoy lunch before, or celebrations after your visit.